The Best Online Quilting Resource Available

Craftsy LogoCraftsy is the best online quilting resource in the digital world. Since 2011 Craftsy has been offering online classes in everything from quilting to knitting to cake decorating and more. With over 5 million register users, this online powerhouse of craftiness offers video classes, patterns, tutorials and reference materials. Classes range in price from $20 to $50 and generally include about 10 hours of instruction. There are also quite a few free classes available as well. Let’s take a look at some of the free quilting classes and references.

Quilting Tips and Tricks

Click on the images to read more and to download the free pdfs for each of these resources.

Save Those Scraps Photo and DescriptionQuilt Cleaning and Care Photo and DescriptionPre Cuts Photo and DescriptionQuilter Hacks Photo and DescriptionFree Motion Quilting Photo and DescriptionFinish Quilts Photo and Description

Craftsy Blog and Articles

The Craftsy Blog and additional collection of articles provide access to even more amazing tutorials and resources. Click on the images to see what’s new on the blog and to peruse the extensive collection of articles.

Craftsy Blog Photo and DescriptionCaftsy Articles Photo and Description

Free Craftsy Quilting Classes

Craftsy is currently offering 11 quilting classes for free. Enjoy the high quality production and expert instruction in these wonderful classes. Click on the image to see more information about each class that is offered.

Free Classes Photos and Descriptions

I hope you have enjoyed this preview/review of some of the things that Craftsy has to offer. Take a look at their full range of classes and make a list of everything you want to learn. Get started now – it could take a lifetime…

I am not affiliated with Craftsy in any way, I just love their platform and wanted to share it with you.

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